School of Form


School of Form implements award-winning design teaching programme,
which combines design and humanistic education with an emphasis on close
cooperation with business in Poland and worldwide. School has been created by
a unique team of experts led by Lidewij Edelkoort.



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What will I learn?

Industrial Design

Industrial Design students work with practitioners representing many disciplines. It is here that social robotics meets bionics, product design is supported by ergonomics, and material structures are created with the use of parametric algorithms. Each stage of the process is conducted under the guidance of a team of excellent designers, who teach how to merge technological perfection with humanist reflection and plastic sensitivity.

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A step-by-step application

In order to take part in the recruitment process you should fill in the application form as well as prepare your CV and presentation.


  • To register for the School of Form exams, please fill in our entry form. Activate your account using an activation link, which will be sent to the email address you provided. We will contact you directly to confirm the best possible date of exam which will take place via Skype.

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  • Bare in mind that a collection of your own work would be an advantage increasing the chances during the exam.
    Prepare a self-portrait, containing your photograph, name and age. You can include your art projects, craft and photography. Show us your inspirations – designers, creators, projects or publications that you find important so that we will know you better.


  • The recruitment exam will take place via Skype on a date agreed. The Recruitment Committee, comprised of School of Form lecturers, will test your skills and abilities. We'll talk about your inspirations and most of all about your future plans. We want to know how you see your future as a designer, how you understand the role of the designer in society; what your vision and goals are.


Mateusz Halawa

Head of Social Sciences and Humanities He was t

Wiesław Bartkowski

Head of Creative Coding, postgraduate stu

Zuzanna Skalska

School's co-founder, trendwatcher Born in Wa

Zbigniew Tenerowicz

Software engineer, web technology enthusiast

Szymon Filoda

A designer, craftsman and entrepreneur. In 2008

Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks

The history of interior design, trends She trea

Monika Rak

Experimental fabric Doctor of Visual Arts and a

Michał Piasecki

Industrial design lecturer Michal Piasecki is a

Wojciech Dziedzic

Head and lecturer of the Faculty of Fashion Desi

Wawrzyniec Walczak

Design methods An industrial designer. He devel

Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna

Fabrics and exhibitions designer She graduated

Olga Milczyńska

Ceramic Graduated from The Danish Design School

Bianka Rolando

Lecturer of communication design PhD in art, ar

Ewa Klekot

An art anthropologist and translator. She studi

Paweł Szulczyński

Robotics Industrial design lecturer. He te

Monika Rosińska

A sociologist and design researcher She is curre

Maciej Siuda

Mechanics and construction In 2008, he graduate

Karol Murlak

Lecturer of domestic design  A designer an

Kamil Jerzykowski

Materials, structure, new technologies in media an

Arkadiusz Szwed

Head of the ceramics workshop A designer, ceram

Anita Basińska

Head of the Design Department Sociology and soc

Przemek Jaworski

Industrial design lecturer A designer and hacke

Dawid Wiener

Psychology PHD, Philosophy in humanities, lectu

Jola Starzak

Public space design, construction Architect and

Viktoriya Grabowska

Typograhy Type and graphic designer, freelancer

Oskar Zięta

Lecturer of industrial design Architect, gradua

Cezary Hładki

Photography In 1998, he graduated Painting, Gra

Krzysztof Kubasek

Lecturer of industrial design Industrial design

Maciej Mach

Graphics + responsive, website and user inter

Dorota Kabała

Design, structure, product and packaging design&nb

Anna Lorens

Public space design She is an architect and gra

Filip Zagórski

Communication design lecturer Co-founder of the

Paweł Grobelny

Object in a public space Designer and curator o

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Art Director at School of Form The curator of n

Bartosz Grześkowiak

Head of Photo-video workshop Graphic designer.

Igor Morski

Illustration, project organisation A graphic ar

Paweł Prewencki

Communication design lecturer An animator and g

Edgar Bąk

Editorial graphic design Avoids literality, ane

Sebastian Krzywak

Drawing Studied painting at the Academy of Fine

Paulina Matusiak

Lecturer of communication design Graphic design

Krzysztof Łukomski

New media, instalations A graduate of the Acade

School of Form is committed to working with the business. Thanks to our business partners, our students can participate in inspiring international projects already during the first year of study. During the second year students are given the opportunity to take training and internship in one of the companies, organizations and institutions cooperating with the school. This way they learn how to work in a professional design team, test their skills and discover the potential path of further development.

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