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Our Prep School will prepare you for undergraduate studies at School of Form. You will develop your English proficiency and practice drawing. You will also be introduced to the European culture.


Aside from an intensive course in English, the participants of PREP SCHOOL will take part in classes, which will allow them to prepare better for design studies, and learn drawing as well as basic concepts in culture and design.

During the classes devoted to drawing, they will learn different techniques of design drawing, as well as life drawing and using their imagination, whilst working with the students of the School of Form. During the classes devoted to culture, which will be conducted in the form of trips, presentations, lectures and discussions, they will get to know the city and its surrounding areas, as well as museums and galleries, and share their experiences gathered in other countries and from other cultures.

After a year in the School of Form, they will feel right at home in the University and will be able to communicate freely in English, ready to take on the bachelor degree studies in Design at School of Form.

Format of Classes

Programme consists of 600 hours of classes during the year. During the 1st semester, 16 hours are devoted to intensive classes in the English language, and the rest is devoted to drawing. During the 2nd semester, the number of language learning hours is reduced to 12; 4 hours are devoted to drawing, and 4 hours to classes on cultural notions.

PREP SCHOOL students have their own mentor, who is in charge of administrative duties and will provide student support, helping them adapt to the new environment. In the 2021/22 academic year course will be held onsite.

Are you uncertain of your language skills? Do you want to spend some time working on the portfolio? PREP SCHOOL at School of Form is the perfect place for you. Feel the atmosphere of design studies, try our workshops, meet design experts, researchers and architects.

Monika Rosińska, Phd
PREP SCHOOL Coordinator


Our faculty comprises acclaimed expert-practitioners, renowned designers who combine technological expertise with humanistic sensibility and who share the wealth of their professional experience with students.

Jola Starzak

Coordinator of the Design program

Piotr Szaradowski

Fashion design lecturer

Monika Rosińska

Dean's Representative for Interdisciplinary


Application process

In order to attend Prep School please fill in the application form available from January 18th.

Signed Tuition Fee Agreement, Signed Appendinx, proof of payment



Course Duration: 2 semesters/1 year (October-June)
Number of hours: 600 hours  of English + 96 hours of drawing classes + 48 hours of culture classes


phone: +48 697 690 482

mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.