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Gather your artwork, projects or other materials that will showcase your design vision, during a meeting with the Admissions Committee.

What should I prepare?

Your portfolio should consist of 20 pages, at the maximum, in a PDF format. You should upload your portfolio, with all the other required documents, while completing your online university application.

Once your portfolio is assessed by the exam committee, you will be notified by e-mail about your exam date.

Tell us about yourself, prepare your creative CV. You can use any medium of your choice to tell us about your interests and motivation to study at School of Form.

Please include the following three sections in your portfolio:

  • Self-portrait: first page containing your photo, first name, last name and your age. 
  • A collection of your work - provide a series of photos illustrating your relevant projects, designs and artwork. Show us what you can do. Your projects can be presented in any form, for example: collage, moodboard, garments designed and sewn by you, samples of your knitting, woodwork, ceramics, objects made of playdough, plasticine or salt dough, drawings, paintings or photos.
  • Inspirations - tell us who and what inspires you. For example designers, artists, art, places, nature, etc.


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