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SWPS University Scholarschips for International Students

SWPS University offers scholarships for international students who apply to programs in English at SWPS University and School of Form.


  • International students
  • Applying to undergraduate (B.A. degree) programs in English


  • Scholarship that covers first year tuition fee


  • Complete the online Application Form at http://www.swps.pl/en/rejestracja
  • Submit all documents specified by SWPS University’s admissions regulations
  • Read the Regulation on granting "Scholarships for International Studients" »
  • Write and submit an essay explaining:
    1) Why have you chosen a given program of study?
    2) Why do you wish to study in Poland?
    3) Why should you be granted the scholarship?
  • Submit documents confirming your athletic achievements, engagement in the arts or community-related projects
  • Submit the Scholarship Application Form


  • Winners of the Scholarship will be announced by July 31, 2018
  • Throughout the first year of study, winners of the Scholarship will receive guidance from tutors assigned by their Faculty
  • A maximum of 10 scholarships are available in the academic year 2018/2019

Scholarship for Students Applying to the Architecture Program at School of Form

50% off tuition fee for four years, for students of Architecture, financed by the European Social Fund.

Accommodation Subsidy for Students Applying to the Architecture Program

School of Form will provide an accommodation subsidy in the amount of PLN 700/month (approx. EUR 165) to:

  • 10 candidates accepted to the 1st year of study at SOF, who achieve best results from their portfolio and the entrance interview
  • 8 students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the Architecture program, who achieve the best final grades in the previous year of study