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In summer 2020 School of Form will be moving from Poznań to Warsaw. As of October 2020, Design Studies will be held entirely in Warsaw.

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The Move to Warsaw

The location of School of Form in the historic international fair building in Poznań, a city with huge creative potential and great energy, has been a great place for the us during the first few years of its existence.

Moving to the Warsaw campus of SWPS University will provide students and lecturers with a direct access to knowledge and research resources available at the University, as well as an easier access to business partners and companies that offer student internships, a key advantage that supports the development of students.

We want to enable all students to grow as individuals and to learn how to work in a team. We also want to provide them with infrastructure and environment conducive to free flow of information, including exchange of original ideas and transfer of creative solutions to the world of business.