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Step 1 – Complete the application form  (available from January 26th) and create a user account.

Step 2 – Activate your account by clicking on the link that will be sent to the e-mail account provided by you in application form.

Step 3 – Log in to your user account and fill in the remaining required information in the application form.

Step 4 – Prepare your portfolio for a online interview.

Step 5 – Chose the date of your exam in the system. If you do not have an appropriate language certificate, during the exam there will be a language lector to revise your language skills.

Step 6 – Take the exam, within 5 business days you will be informed of your exam results.

Step 7 – Submit all the required documents to the Admissions Office.

You can submit your application even if you have not yet received your secondary school/high-school diploma. Which you can submit before your acceptance to School of Form.


Detailed rules and regulations on the admissions procedure for studies conducted in English in SWPS University of Social Sciences And Humanities in academic year 2022/2023



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