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Are you interested in people and their needs? Are you creative? Would you like to shape your environment, design innovative solutions and new products? Wonder what is a portfolio and how to prepare one? Register for a free webinar, talk to us online and choose studies at School of Form.

December 4, 2019 at 17.00 CEST (GMT+1)


What is a portfolio and how to prepare one?

When you apply to School of Form, we most of all would like to get to know you. Therefore we ask you to prepare a portfolio that will tell us who you are, what you are interested in and where would you like to go. Therefore, during this webinar we will tell you:
• What is a portfolio and how to prepare one?
• What criteria are used during the portfolio assessment?
• What should you avoid and what should you keep in mind while preparing the portfolio?

A unique design program

• Why School of Form and our programs are unique?
• Why have we departed from the traditional forms of teaching typical of other art schools?
• Who are our lecturers and how they combine academia with practical experience?
• What programs of study are available?
• How do we combine design and humanities?
• How do we cooperate with business and who are our partners?
• How do our student internships look like?
• Where do our graduates find work, in what industries?
• What workshops and workrooms are available to our students?
• How does the first year of study looks like and when can you choose your specialization?

Studying in Poland and assistance for foreign students

• How does studying in Poland look like?
• How is it different from studying in other countries?
• What are the languages of instruction at School of Form and what are the differences between programs offered in Polish and in English?
• How to obtain a visa and what documents are required?
• How to find accommodation in Poland and are there student dormitories available at School of Form?
• What is the Polish Card (Karta Polaka) and does it entitle the bearer to other scholarships?
• How do the language courses look like and what is the fee?
• What scholarships are available at School of Form?
• What requirements do I need to meet to receive a scholarship?
• What scholarships are available for best students of School of Form?
• Are there any subsidies for students?
• Can I go to another country to study?
• Where can I go to study and for how long?
• How many years of study do I have to complete at School of Form, before I can apply to study in another country?

During our webinar you will meet:

dorota slowinska

Danił Daneliuk
Graduate of and Lecturer at School of Form, photographer

dorota slowinska

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka
School of Form Program Director, Director of the Institute of Design

NAWA logo engThe Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the International Alumni Programme

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