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Communication design is one of the fastest growing sub-disciplines of design. It is aimed at developing convincing and trustworthy messages and creating effective means of interaction.

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Key aspects of our study program

The Communication Design specialization combines traditional imaging and design with the latest technologies and moving images. However, tools are supposed to inspire communication designers, who consciously and responsibly develop effective messages. You must understand the people with whom you communicate and you must know what you want to convey. What you do, as a communication designer, will influence someone’s choices, decisions and experience.

The Communication Design program will teach you how to work in a 2D and a virtual environment. You will draw, print, photograph, and film to later transform these images in many different ways. You will create multilayered multimedia stories and functionally complex systems, and you will design simple tools making life easier for users.

Our study program, which strongly relates to the surrounding environment, will allow you to understand the practical dimension of the communication design profession. While working on your projects, you will combine various forms of communication, including paper, digital elements, events, film, as well as activities in public space. You will learn how to use analogue and digital tools, and you will complete complex projects based on the knowledge concerning human behavior, society and culture.

„The Communication Design specialization focuses on sustainable and participatory design. Our students leave School of Form as socially responsible communication designers, sensitive to the needs of users and the environment in which we live.”

Filip Zagórski
Coordinator of Communication Design specialization

Choose your tool tract

During your 3rd year of study, you will select your tool tract. You can choose between:


where you will perfect your skills and develop competencies related to the use of various illustration tools and techniques, both analogue and digital, such as drawing, illustration, screen printing, photography, film, and animation.

Visual Systems

where you will focus on the tools required for designing complex visual systems that combine elements of typography and illustration.

Communication Design – Key skills and knowledge

You will complete individual and team projects, including publication design, visual identification, spatial graphic design, and interaction. While working on these projects you will also develop a prototype, technical documentation and a description.

Furthermore, you will learn user experience (UX) and interface design, illustration, and how to prepare photographic and film documentation.

You will focus on your favorite tools and practice skills related to the equipment that will become part of your future career. You will acquire animation skills and will learn how to use the tools aimed at designing for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR).

You will participate in Master Classes, led by our collaborators, renowned professionally active designers, who work in Poland and abroad. During Master Classes you will have an opportunity to learn about new tools and design strategies, but most of all, you will meet acclaimed individuals, specializing in design and related disciplines, such as science, art, and business.

Moreover, you will participate in some inter-specialization projects conducted in collaboration with our business and community partners, and you will complete a module that will help you to successfully enter the job market.

Under the supervision of two thesis advisors, you will work on your communication design graduation project, that will include both, a design and a description component.

You will also complete over 800 hours of professional practicum, which will give you an excellent opportunity to use your practical skills in an actual professional environment. School of Form provides you with an opportunity to complete your practicum with one of our partnering businesses/organizations however, you may also secure the practicum with another organization of your choice.

Student Projects


Social media generate the desire to share one’s own image on the Internet. A race to find new, more attractive means of expressing oneself is currently under way, and it…


A reflection on the relationship between man and technology could lead to defining true artificial intelligence – mankind’s opportunity and curse at the same time. Artificial intelligence is the other,…

Holobox. Visualisation communication

The theory of cognition regards touch as one of the few ways of experiencing reality and confirming its materiality. Our hands, armed with the sensation of touch, are perfectly equipped…


Soma is unity of the body and mind. The author designed clothes, which make people aware of their bodies through their construction and selection of materials. Introduced on the inside,…

Dollar pop-up store

Aesthetisation is a phenomenon characteristic of modern culture, which is often connected with visual qualities. It is commonly perceived as involving surface embellishments or the fetishism of products. The project…

Return home

Return Home is an educational project, the purpose of which is to remind ourselves of Polish designs from the 1950s and 60s. The author analysed the political and social context…

How good to have a neighbour

On the basis of her own experiences in an anonymous neighbourhood in the city centre, the author organised a series of interventions in and around the tenement house she lives…


The theory of cognition regards touch as one of the few ways of experiencing reality and confirming its materiality. Our hands, armed with the sensation of touch, are perfectly equipped…

Touch the light

Light is an inconspicuous, but essential element of all interiors. It creates a particular mood, a three- dimensional space. The technology available today does not leave the question of light…

What makes you blush?

We live in a visual culture, which is filled with universally present erotic subtexts. However, human sexuality is a topic that continues to evade us, despite its presence in our…

Dissolving memory

The book titled “Niepamięć” is an attempt at understanding the experiences of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and to make the public aware of the issue. The reader experiences…

MIM system

Magdalena Maria Kurowska, faculty: COMMUNICATION DESIGN

Individuality in the canon of norms

Klaudia Dopierała, faculty: FASHION DESIGN

Pattern by Shape

Kamila Garczyńska, faculty: FASHION DESIGN


Agata Birek, faculty: FASHION DESIGN

Studios and Workshops

You will have an opportunity to work in our specialized studios and workshops equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machines. This way, you will be able to work on your own projects, including those extending beyond the curriculum, and consult your work with teachers. Some studios and workshops are accessible to students during school hours. Others are open at specific times and students may work there under the supervision of teaching assistants and specialists. This is what you will learn over the course of your studies:


You potential career path

  • illustrator
  • graphic designer
  • animation designer
  • photographer
  • photo editor
  • motion designer
  • mobile app designer
  • visual identification designer
  • interface designer
  • UX designer

Our Graduates

300 graduates have already completed studies at School of Form. Here are some of them:

Monika Burakowska

Projektantka UI/UX

Absolwentka communication design, związana z poznańską agencją interaktywną KREATIK. Swoją zawodową ścieżkę zaczynała jeszcze w trakcie studiów jako grafik, początkowo freelancer, następnie w firmie zajmującej się tworzeniem stron i pozycjonowaniem. Obecnie odpowiada za użyteczność projektowanych aplikacji i stron www. Ma doświadczenie zarówno w prowadzeniu badań potrzeb (wywiadów z konsumentami), obserwacji etnograficznych jak i testowaniu z użytkownikami gotowych aplikacji. Jest też certyfikowanym moderatorem Design Thinking - metody, która pozwala tworzyć nowe produkty i usługi w innowacyjny sposób. Pasjonują ją techniki i metodologie ułatwiające pracę kreatywną. Po studiach w SOF kontynuowała naukę na studiach podyplomowych z Product & Brand Management.

Pracowała nad projektami dla firm z branży IoT, FMCG, beauty, poligraficznej, budowlanej i wielu innych.

Michał Loba

Grafik, ilustrator

Absolwent communication design (2016). Tworzy plakaty do wydarzeń kulturalnych, koncertów, spektakli. Współpracował m.in. z klubami Pogłos, Plan B, Plac Zabaw nad Wisłą, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Instytutem Adama Mickiewicza. Jego ilustracje pojawiły się w KTW, Zwykłe Życie, Trzy Czte Ry. Za granicą tworzył ilustracje m.in. dla magazynu Esquire UK oraz portalu It’s Nice That. Jest jednym z dwudziestu dwóch polskich ilustratorów zebranych przez Patryka Mogilnickiego w książce „Nie ma się co obrażać” . Jego prace pokazywane były na wystawach w Nowym Jorku, Sztokholmie, Warszawie.

Małgorzata Piernik

UX designer

Obecnie pracuje jako UX designer w Accenture. Projektuje aplikacje B2C i B2B dla międzynarodowych klientów korporacyjnych, m.in. ze Szwajcarii, Włoch i Polski, dba orozwój młodszych UX designerów i współpracę z biznesem oraz deweloperami. Pierwsze kroki jako UX designer stawiała już  na drugim roku studiów w Software House w Poznaniu. W wolnym czasie publikuje eksperckie artykuły dotyczące user experience na blogach UX Planet oraz UX Collective.


Our faculty comprises acclaimed expert-practitioners, renowned designers who combine technological expertise with humanistic sensibility and who share the wealth of their professional experience with students.

Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk

Visual Information Systems Designer

Honza Zamojski

Book Publisher

Paweł Starzec

Documentary prhotograpy

Sylwia Hull-Wosiek

Trainer, consultant, coach, facilitator

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