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At School of Form, the process of preparing a graduation project takes a full year. In fact, it lasts four years, as the program has been arranged in such a way as to lead step by step to the creation of a project that crowns all the years of study.

Graduation Show

The graduation project is unique. It is also more difficult, involving stronger emotions and driven by greater ambition. Graduates, being socially and environmentally conscious, feel obliged to change the world immediately. And rightly so, since questioning the existing system is one of the essential elements of design. In order to be able to create something from scratch, it is necessary to thoroughly understand and study what already exists, and to think about the causes of the current situation. One needs to know the context, the audience, their needs and limitations. It is necessary to find a niche, an unnoticed, undeveloped, as yet unplanned theme. Although many projects have already been created, there are still plenty of fields to explore and design.

The themes of this year's exhibition

Each year, the graduation projects relate to the current reality and provide a hint for the future. This year, the authors touched on the theme of homesickness and being proud of their culture. They delve into the phenomenon of locality, explore where the feeling of belonging comes from or capture on film the dreams of today's students. Looking back at these projects 10 years from now, will be an extremely interesting experience.

Some works deal with the problem of excessive consumerism and the environmental impact of various materials. Students have transformed things that already exist, such as old tires or clothes, combining sentiment with upcycling. Others design in the spirit of "take, make and dispose" (without harming anyone) or, on the contrary, "find and create". Some also seek alternative materials. Projects for physical and mental well-being propose solutions that support the body and senses, as well as encourage reflection on the impermanence of memory. Among the works and projects, there are also abstract themes that aim not only to find solutions, but also to raise questions and prompt philosophical reflections on nature.

List of graduation projects

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by Natalia Tarnowska (Industrial, Domestic Design)

Blop. is a piece of urban furniture designed by Natalia Tarnowska. A set of five…

Shock of Possessorship

by Marta Piatrevich (Fashion Design)

Marta Piatrevich's collection is a reflection on the author's own cultural identity. She was inspired…


by Joanna Sidor (Visual Communication Design)

A collection of pillows filled with seasonal herbs for a good night's sleep. The set…


by Sergey Moskalev (Product Design)

The global environmental crisis is forcing designers to think about alternative production methods. As part…

Font Reykjavík

by Maria Horowska (Communication Design)

Inspired by modernist residential architecture in Reykjavík from 1920-1950, the font consists of uppercase letters…

Collector of Fun

by Maciej Karpe (Domestic Design)

A collection of six art objects that were once the author's favorite sports shoes. This…

The OPO project

by Istvan Lazar (Domestic Design)

Flip-flops made of rubber granules from recycled tires. Project description The world is increasingly using…

People of Praga

by Maria Dróżdż (Communication Design)

"People of Praga" ("Prażanie") is a series of five posters depicting the residents of Warsaw's…

My way to activism

by Laura Pawlicka (Product Design)

The project consists of two series of posters – "Rape Culture" and "Gender Monster". They…

My (our) body

by Emilia Trawińska (Communication Design)

An interactive book that encourages people to reflect on their own experiences and concerns about…


by Hanna Stankiewicz (Domestic Design)

In her project, the artist explored the profound connection between memories and objects, viewing them…

Mini-Ministry of Education

by Klara Malinowska, Oliwia Warchałowska (Domestic Design)

Together with the children, the authors have developed a comprehensive set of solutions for workshop…

Sense It

by Oliwia Rybczyńska (Industrial Design)

The purpose of “Sense It” is not only to stimulate the senses, but also to…


by Aleksandra Kondela (Domestic Design)

A biodegradable and environmentally neutral board made from material extracted from common plants that occur…

The Feet Grove

by Anna Kwoka (Industrial Design)

Five foot massage items: gryczanka wielozadaniowa (a fabric cylinder filled with buckwheat that can be…

The Weight of Colors

by Roman Khlus (Visual Communcation Design)

A set for experimenting with the concept of color weight. It consists of spheres that…

The Guerrilla Design

by Jacek Vasina (Industrial Design)

Eight objects that defy the rules of design, built with materials that were at hand.…

ABETKA. Letters for Ukraine

by Kateryna Shevchun (Communication Design)

Alphabet - a statement and confession of love for the rich traditions of Ukraine. It…

Withdim - Ceramic home fragrance fixation kit

by Sofiia Nizhibetska (Domestic Design)

Pieces of wool felt secured in porcelain containers that do not soak or let the…


by Semen Kozulin (Domestic Design)

Stool-house, a lightweight and portable solution that serves as both a stool and a cat…


by Łucja Zięciak (Domestic Design)

A film presenting the profiles of sixteen students from the School of Form, who answer…

Environmentally Conscious Digital Design

by Mateusz Gonerko (Communication Design)

A new, more eco-friendly interface in dark mode, consuming less energy and thus reducing the…

The e-Theater audience

by Jan Nowicki (Communication Design)

An analysis of Instagram users. A collection of four unique GIFs that tells stories seemingly…