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Poznan is famous for big number of students - during the academic year, there are even 130 thousands of them in Poznan!

Poznan stands as one of Poland's main trading places and is becoming a popular destination for people in search of a city break. Situated to the west of the country on the route from Berlin to Warsaw, the city has a population of well over 600 000 people.

Poznan lies in the region in which the Polish state was born, and has witnessed several important historical events. Through the ages - and numerous power struggles - Poznan has overcome some overwhelming forces and has been key to Poland's current status.The city is home to some outstanding displays of architectural beauty and fantastic displays in the museums.The area round Poznan is plentiful in attractive lakes and green areas making it an ideal place for seekers of culture, leisure, and of course fun! Find out more on Poznan in the brouchure.