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Well-designed products are essential for creating globally renowned brand. School of Form aims at educating designers who understand people needs and are ready to find out what they dream about.


When we were creating School of Form, we were convinced that in the changing world designer should be educated in a new way. We had known that good design cannot exist without humanities.

How did we manage to combine design and humanities?

  • Firstly – we got away from traditional artistic education
  • Secondly – we created a concept of education based on combination of humanities and design
  • Thirdly – we found teachers open for students needs and who trusted us
  • Fourthly – we found common language, tools and goals
  • Fifthly – we created a way for cooperation with business

All to create a design school aiming at being the center of knowledge, research and innovation. In October 2011 first students started education at School of Form, Department of Design. So far 256 designers have graduated from School of Form.

The Move to Warsaw

In summer 2020 School of Form will be moving from Poznań to Warsaw. As of October 2020, design studies will be held entirely in Warsaw.

The location of School of Form in Poznań, a city with a huge creative potential and great energy, in the historic international fair building has been a great place for the design school during the first few years of its existence.

The move to the Warsaw campus of SWPS University will provide students and lecturers with a direct access to knowledge and research resources available at the University as well as an easier access to business partners and companies that offer student internships, which is a key advantage, supporting development of students.

We want to enable all students to grow as individuals and to learn how to work in a team. We also want to provide them with infrastructure and environment conducive to free flow of information, including exchange of original ideas and transfer of creative solutions to the world of business.



Lidewij Edelkoort

Trend forecaster

Piotr Voelkel

Entrepreneur, founder of SWPS University

Zuzanna Skalska

Design, business and innovations trend analyst

School of Form is an adventure. Not only for students but also for teachers. We are still in the process of growing and maturing. We are still learning from each other, from students and from the market.

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Ph.D.
Program Director of School of Form

How we teach

Education is based on humanities as the source of human knowledge, on designing skills, knowledge about various technologies, implementation of projects and the ability to cooperate with business. The curriculum was created by the team of experts leaded by Lidewij Edelkoort, long-term Head of Design Academy Eindhoven, who is the Strategic Director and mentor of School of Form.

School of Form was awarded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the competition for the curriculum.


We selected teachers basing, among others, on their professional activity. Some of them design, implement and carry out projects. Others conduct research, write, publish and exhibit. Some win contests. Many School of Form graduates work as lecturers.

Joanna Jeśman

Vice-Dean for Educational and Student Affairs

Agata Nowak

Coordinator of the Industrial Design specialization

Adrian Krężlik

Parametric design

Alicja Bielawska

Visual and color anaVisual and colour analysis

We treat students as our partners. Simultaneously, we require passion and hard work since entrance exam.


Work for industry, run their own design studios or work in companies. Some of them are among School of Form lecturers. Others continue their education at prestigous universities abroad. They are talented, empathic designers who are not afraid of working in business, facing challenges and working in group.

We are a part of SWPS University

School of Form is a part of SWPS University – first private university in Poland. It means that students graduate with bachelor degree and SWPS University diploma in design.

The university is among 5% of Polish universities awarded with prestigous A+ category.


SWPS Univeristy:

  • 16 734 students
  • campuses in 5 cities: Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Katowice and Sopot
  • outstanding teachers: 62 professors, 69 associate professors, 199 doctors
  • 7 Ph.D. programs, 3 postdoctoral programs
  • 16 undergraduate programs, 11 graduate programs, 5 Ph.D programs and over 160 postgraduate programs
  • prestigous research center – in 2017 carried out 417 research projects for PLN 39 mln