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In our Robotics Studio you can learn how to design and prototype products using industrial robots. In this creative space, you will take on several roles, such as a scientist, technologist, constructor, and programmer. At the same time, you will acquire competencies that allow you to collaborate and partner with various types of industry.

What equipment is available?

 At our Robotics Studio, students have two KUKA robots at their disposal. Possibilities that these two robots offer are endless, and depend solely on users’ imagination.

What can you learn at the robotics studio?

 Our robotics studio provides you with an opportunity to experiment and work on human-robot interaction projects. You will become familiar with capabilities of robotic fabrication, and you will chart new boundaries of unconventional production methods. You will design and make tools for robots. You will program machine movements, using the Grasshopper software, and you will translate computer code into objects produced with the help of the KUKA robots. You will also teach the robots how to complete various tasks, such as shaping sheets of aluminum, weaving, blowing soap bubbles, and making chocolate shavings.

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Who will you meet at the Robotics Studio?

Agnieszka Rayss

Sara Boś
Head of  numerical machines workshop and robotic workshop, designer, graduate of School of Form