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In our Screen Printing Studio, you can acquire various manual skills and learn design while using screen printing techniques. Here, you will also learn the basics of working with color, and you will practice the art of composition. Screen printing can be done not only on paper, but also on fabrics, which offers numerous opportunities for applying this technique in fashion projects.

What equipment is available?

Our 100 square meter Screen Printing Studio houses all materials and tools indispensable for carrying out screen printing projects, from start to finish. There are several work stations. Students coat screens with light sensitive emulsion, burn screens using an exposure unit, print graphics, and finally, wash the screens in a special washing unit. There is also a multi-shelf dryer, allowing to dry multiple prints at the same, in a small space. 

What can you learn at the screen printing studio?

Our Screen Printing Studio is an ideal space to experiment with paints and printing techniques. It is a place where your projects become real. You will learn the whole process of screen printing. You will find out how to cover the screen with emulsion, expose it to a light source, print, and clean the screen from layers of paint. You will learn the art of multicolor printing. You will mix your paints to achieve the desired shade of color. There is a wide range of pigments, to choose from, including fluorescent paints, which allows you to create limitless color pallets.

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Who will you meet at the screenprinting studio?

Bartosz Grześkowiak

Marta Kwiatek 
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