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In our Metal Workshop, students practice working with metals, wood, wood-based materials, polymers, polyurethanes, composite materials, and their own materials made during a design process. Students have access to a wide range of professional machines, power tools, and hundreds of hand tools for ironworking. Despite its industrial character, the workshop is a friendly space, conducive to cooperation and creativity. Highly qualified faculty ensure the safety of students, and oversee the use of machinery and tools.

What equipment is available?

Students have access to welding stations, a MIG/MAG welding machine, locksmith vises, a metal band saw, lathe, grinder, guillotine, pipe bender, and a sheet metal bending machine. There are also other professional tools, such as: metal shears, files, metal cutting saws, chisels, screw taps, hammers, center punches, and many others.

What can you learn at the Metal Workshop?

You will learn how to work with different materials, especially with different types of metal, and you will become familiar with their different physical, chemical, and mechanical characteristics. You will practice different methods of shaping materials, such as cutting, bending, filing, welding, polishing, scribing, and buffing. You will learn how to shape metal elements, which you will later use in prototyping other objects, 3D modelling, and creating various forms and constructions.

We will help you to find the optimal technology for making your project, so that you can create a fully functional prototype. We will also help you to overcome a natural apprehension in using the machines and power tools. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you gaining new skills and becoming confident in making new and unique objects.

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Who will you meet at the Metal Workshop?

Dawid Korzeniewski
Head of the Woodworking and the Metal Workshops, an architect, and a designer.

Bartosz Grześkowiak

Franek Maj
Assistant the Woodworking and the Metal Workshops


Maciej Leśniak
Assistant at the Woodworking and Metal Workshops, a wood technology engineer, designer