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At a few hundred square meters of the workshop you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of metalworking, wood, wood-based materials, polymers, polyurethanes, conglomerates and many others including your own that you will create in the design process. This machine park consisting of several dozen machines, power tools and hundreds of tools will help you achieve that.
In the locksmith's workshop we arranged the machinery and equipment for metal at different levels. Though it is the industrial space, it has a friendly, creative atmosphere, and your safety will be taken care by qualified staff, who will also serve as professional advice and assistance.

What can you use?

There are the following devices at your disposal: a metal band saw, MIGMAG welder for gas-shielded welding, Vice metalwork, lathe, grinder, cutter, bender, bender for sheet metal and welding tables. On the shelves you can find various kinds of professional tools needed: sheet scissors, files, saws for cutting metals, cutters, taps, hammers, punches, and many others. Who knows, maybe our workshop will become your second home?

What will you learn?

You will discover different types of metals and their physical, chemical and mechanical properties. While carrying out your own ideas, you will see the impact the metal has on the technological process. You will learn to shape metal parts, which then will be used in the process of objects prototyping, 3D modeling and creating forms and structures. Trying out different methods such as cutting, bending, sawing, welding, grinding, routing and polishing you will experience the pleasure of creation when using a locksmith machine park.

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