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School of Form’s professionally-equipped Photography and Video Studio will help you work on the most ambitious of projects and become a photographer, lighting expert, cameraman, set designer and even a director. You will look at life  through the eyes of a lens and come to see the world in a whole new light. Your experiments in framing, lighting and composition will help you discover new talents and skills.

What can you use?

You will work with the most modern photography and video equipment, such as Canon, Sony and Quantuum. Softboxes, studio lamps, umbrellas, reflectors and photometers will help you learn about and work with lighting; using a variety of tripods and stands you will learn about the important of sharpness in photography. You will use a variety of tools like telescopic monopods, photo tables and flash triggers.

If you still crave for more, then School of Form is here for you! You are free to use the equipment in the Photography and Video Studio after hours.

What will you learn?

During lessons in photographic perspective, you will discover the basic problems and questions in photography including framing, lighting, diaphragms and types of lenses. You will be given the opportunity to work with the prototype of all photography, which dates back to Ancient Greece, the camera obscura. During classes in studio photography, you will learn about light, how to set up the objects you photograph, composition, and how to work with tripods and photo tables. The more you work with the camera, the more you will understand the complexities involved in being a director and cameraman. You will also discover that camera dollies can be used for a variety of purposes.

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