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Ceramic Workshop is well equipped and fully prepared to accomplish broadly understood ceramic projects. Here you'll experience the whole design process from sketch to finished product. The works are executed in porcelain and clay, and process modeling is implemented in plaster. In the workshop, you can shape unique items manually, build them with patches, roll on the wheel, use a juicer, and also make plaster molds and start a small production your own products. Workshop is open to all students, and the head of the workshop provides support for the implementation of each project.

What can you use?

Workshop is divided into a work area with a plastic clay and casts as well as pattern shop, where models and molds casts are created. Shelves are filled with professional tools for molding, modeling, cutting and decorating. The heart of the studio are two ovens that can accommodate quite a lot of works! We have a potter's wheel, juicer with interchangeable tips, mill, chamber glazing and mixing for recycling clay. There is also a well-stocked shelve with dyes and chemical compounds, which allows for experiments with color and texture of projects.

What will you learn?

We focus on self-reliance of students who first learn and then implement whole complicated process of ceramic themselves.

You will learn modeling, sculpting, creating plaster molds and casting, glazing and firing. You will learn the techniques and patterns of process, to be able to freely modify and adapt them to your own projects. You will find out that ceramics is a great design tool - developing creativity and spatial imagination, improving skills, allowing for prototyping products, and in the end to duplicate.

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