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Welcome to School of Form’s tailoring workshop, a place where fashion designs take shape, where time is counted in centimetres and the rhythm of the day is kept by the beat of the sewing machines. You will learn about the craft of tailoring and gradually discover all its mysteries. Words like quilting, basting, alpaca and many others will become part of your everyday vocabulary. You will learn both modern and traditional techniques in sewing, weaving and embroidering. You will learn about the benefits of visual thinking, knowing your materials as well as different dyeing techniques.

What can you use?

The tailoring workshop is made up of two sections. The first is a professional machine park with industrial lockstitch sewing machines; chainstitch, overlock, and coverstitch sewing machines for different types of fabric (from furniture covers to thinner, more flexible materials and decorative sewing).

The second part of the workshop hones your creativity, serving sometimes as a backstage to our student fashion shows. In this part of the workshop you will discover the real secrets behind the world of fashion design and meet our lecturers and our... mannequins.

What will you learn?

Embroidering, sewing, tailoring, stitching, adorning, decorating, basting, quilting, smocking and many other techniques will become second nature to you. You will also learn the skills of working with new materials and how to dye different yarns and fabrics.

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