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In our Digital Workshop, you can acquire various manual skills, learn design and quick prototyping, using computer numerical control (CNC) methods. In this creative space, you will take on several roles, such as a scientist, technologist, constructor, and programmer. At the same time, you will acquire competencies that will allow you to collaborate and partner with business representing various types of industry.

What equipment is available?

Students have a variety of machines and tools at their disposal at our Robotics Studio, for example a laser cutter. This tool is helpful to students who learn how to create new design spaces. The machine is used for cutting or making raster engravings on various materials, such as paper, cardboard, rubber, wood by-products, and acrylic (PMMA). Furthermore, students have access to a thermal plotter and a 3D printer.

What can you learn at the digital studio?

Our Digital Studio is an ideal place for experimenting, working on interesting projects as well as prototyping and tool testing. Students of all specializations have access to the studio. The equipment allows them to develop projects straddling various disciplines. You will design objects using computer software and then print them on 3D printers. You will also create prototypes made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), upholstery foam, and Styrofoam. You will learn how to work with wood by-products, acrylic, and polycarbonates. You will build models and mock-ups, print tools for the KUKA robots, make small objects, and cases for machines.


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Who will you meet at the digital studio?

Agnieszka Rayss

Sara Boś
Head of  numerical machines workshop and robotic workshop, designer, graduate of School of Form