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The combination of a number of manual skills with a numeric rapid prototyping technology will stimulate scientist a scientist, technologist, designer, programmer in you. You will have all competences needed in co-operation with industry.

Kuka robots. Their possibilities are only limited by your imagination and fittings which mount on them. You can be the creator of your own devices and the forerunner of design and science.

Laser is a very quick and friendly machine which will make it possible for you to continue to develop the skills to create new space projects. You can cut on it, raster in materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, wood, plexi etc.

3d printer is one of the nicest development processes because here the objects are created to some extent spontaneously after the design stage. Using them you will save valuable time for other experiments.

Thermal plotter will serve you for rapid prototyping in styrodur, upholstery foams, foamed polystyrene. These are ideal materials for the first test of proportions.

Milling plotter will be a friend of precision in machining wood, fiberboard, plexi, polycarbonate.

DiWire bender use it to wire plasticity discover new layers of ideas. In combination with the knowledge gained from the locksmith's workshop it will enable the implementation of open-work items previously difficult to achieve in other ways.

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