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Filip Król

Filip Król

Interior Designer

Currently working as Industrial Designer for Škoda. One of four winners of MoveAward 2016. His “Generation Z 2030” project, related to mobility, was awarded by an international jury with an internship at Mercedes-Benz. In 2017, Filip won the first prize at the “Mazda Design 2017/37 - Piękno Przyszłości” competition in the Space category as well as a PLN 10,000 prize for the design of a car interior.

Bachelor’s thesis project: Generation Z and Mobility 2030

Thesis advisors: Oskar Zięta (Industrial Design), Dawid Wiener (Psychology)

How will public and personal transportation look like in 2030, in well-developed cities?Filip researched social, economic and cultural trends to create a vision of the future for the upcoming generation Z, in an urban setting.

He developed two conceptual vehicle designs. First design: personal vehicle for moving around the city: an energy-efficient, driverless electric vehicle that occupies very little space on the road, thanks to its streamlined design. Second design: vehicle Cloud for public transportation. It is a vehicle with a simple interior, where passengers sit facing each other and can either socialize, work or take advantage of an extended outdoor area.

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