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Maja Sobura

Maja Sobura

Industrial Designer

After graduating from School of Form with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design, she went on to study Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, one of the best design schools in the world. Some of her projects include food packaging for the army, Meal Ready to Eat (MRE), for soldiers in combat or training. The flat packaging changes shape when water is poured into the pack. In contact with water, the powder hidden in the walls of the packaging heats the food inside.

Her other project, hardwood floor paneling, took the first place in the “Creations of Nature” competition organized by Barlinek Institute of Design.

Bachelor’s thesis project: UNIQ. Uniqueness of Robots

Thesis advisors: Oskar Zięta (Industrial Design), Dawid Wiener (Psychology)

Maja combined three elements in her graduation project: uniqueness, expressionism and...a robot as a co-designer. She used a robot, KUKA KR 6 900 six, and an attachment printed on a 3D printer, to paint porcelain. To achieve different patterns, Maja controlled the pattern imprinting process, performed by the robot, by changing the movements and the distance of the robotic arm. To better control the imprinting process, she used special consistency of porcelain. However, she could not tell what the final product would look like and she credited, or rather co-credit, the robot for the final design. In this project, KUKA was not just a robot, but also a partner.

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