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We are inviting you to participate in the “Design Pedagogy Symposium” organized by the School of Form at SWPS University in collaboration with the Center for Philosophical Technologies at Arizona State University. The symposium will be held on May 20, 15:00-21:00 CET. 

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The impetus for this gathering is an ongoing conversation about the transdisciplinarity of design education in the 21st century. In the symposium we aim to explore how design pedagogy is an area of research-practice that is not limited to teaching studios, but it is an ongoing process of learning and experimenting with new methods and techniques that extends into professional practice and other domains of research-creation. This is especially true today when the ecological, political, economic, and social complexity of problems facing life on earth require tools from the humanities, social sciences, engineering, the life sciences, and more. Our goal is to create a global network of design researchers interested in pedagogy as central to the expansion of design as a field and knowledge practice.

We think your work would make a perfect addition to the symposium. If you’re interested in participating, and we truly hope you are, then we’d ask you to prepare a 15min presentation that highlights a tension or problem you would like to explore related to design pedagogy. To guide your inquiry, we have proposed a series of questions for you to consider. These questions are not meant to be limiting or restrictive but are intended to be taken up as provocations for you to respond to, transform, or dismiss as you see fit. 

Please find more details below.


  • What constitutes a problem for design pedagogy?
  • How might problems be productive rather than restrictive?
  • And what domains or areas of design research and education do these questions seem most appropriate?
  • What sort of tensions appear when design is at the crossroads of different disciplines including philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, the life sciences, and engineering?



Monika Rosińska, Ph.D

Karol Murlak, Ph.D

Stacey Moran, Ph.D

Adam Nocek, Ph.D