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The theory of cognition regards touch as one of the few ways of experiencing reality and confirming its materiality. Our hands, armed with the sensation of touch, are perfectly equipped to be the medium for the human mind. They provide a form for the abstract thought, which is able to function in the material world. The hand seems to slip away from control of the mind, submitting the surroundings, in which it functions, to its own will and creating its own culture and language. When the material world and the world of the new media collide, the confrontation can leave the hand without its senses. While observing everyday activities, in which the sense of touch is dominated by technology, the author was inspired to create a script for an illustrated story. The story is enclosed in a bulky cover (50 x 70 cm), which requires the reader to interact with it differently than in the case of mass publications.


  • pojektanci: Lubing Peng and Zushi Tang
  • promoters: dr Wiesław Bartkowski, mgr Krzysztof Goliński, dr Anita Basińska (sociology)
  • dimensions: 15cm x15cm x 20cm
  • materials: hardware, drewno, internet
  • elements: Arduino, four NeoPixels, a fan, a Wi-Fi module and some wires, wood, plastic.