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A reflection on the relationship between man and technology could lead to defining true artificial intelligence – mankind’s opportunity and curse at the same time. Artificial intelligence is the other, the alien, provoking lack of empathy, violence and discrimination. The book designed by the author and the story it tells are a metaphor for problems, which are faced by people who are different in any way. The text was inspired by prison poetry, written by women who survived their imprisonment in concentration camps. The illustrations were done using vector graphics, a technique which underlines the artificiality of history through its emotionless character. The colours on the illustrations symbolise good (red), and violence and lack of empathy (black).



  • designer: Luiza Gawron
  • promoters: dr hab. Bianka Rolando, dr Dawid Wiener
  • materials:paper, string, wooden frames
  • dimensions: B1 posters (70 x 100 cm) in frames (73,5 x 103,5 cm), book, (21 x 30,7 cm)